Setting up your social media account for affIliate marketing

Social media is the center of any form of online marketing with nearly every big business establishing themselves on social media.

Social media platforms offer a way for businesses to come to limelight quickly.

Social media is also one of the most effective affIliate marketing lead generators known to generate thousands of content views in a few hours.

So if you’re starting out as an affiliate marketer,surely you would want to at least see what social media has to offer.

But the question is how exactly can you turn your social media channel into a lead generator that would generate hundreds of sales each month.

This post covers that extensively.In this post,you will find how exactly you can set up your page to optimise it to bring you tons of affIliate sales each month.

Do note that while this post does not contain the actual tips you need to drive sales directly,it covers the basic things you will have to do to ensure that you drive sales from your social media account later on.

Setting up your social media account for affIliate marketing

Create a strong profile

The first step to optimising your social media account for affIliate marketing is to create a strong profile.

Most social media networks are made of millions if not billions of existing accounts.

With a number as high as that,I am willing to bet that there would be some competition in whatever niche you pick.

Competitors some of which may have been there for a lot longer than you.

In order for you to stand out as an authority in that niche,you will need to create a strong profile.

The three main parts of the average social media profile is The username,display picture and a user bio to tell your viewers a little more about yourself.

So to build a strong profile,you will have to be really creative about how you deal with these areas.

1.The username

This is the most crucial part of your user profile.Besides your bio,this is the only way viewers can get some information about you.

Information gotten from your username will be used to decipher what kind of content you put out in what niche.

Assumptions of all kinds will be made from a simple username.It is now up to you to decide what you would like your viewers to think about your page.

Also,do note that the average social media user has an attention span of only 8 seconds which is more than enough for you to make an impression with your name.

If you’re creating a username specifically for your business,then you can give your page a name that relates to that.

But make sure you don’t give away too much information about your business in the name.The brief air of mystery could help a lot.

If you hope to build your personal brand,then you should use your name.

Now after you have your username down,the next thing is your display picture.

2.The display picture

Your display picture is the second part of your profile and also the beautifying part.

This display picture could make your profile go from being just a random collection of words to a brand or company that viewers can connect with.

Here are some tips that could help you choose a good display picture for your online brand:

  • Use a photo with a bright background.They just generally look better.
  • Business accounts should have business logos as display pictures.
  • Personal brands should take a picture of yourself.
  • The picture you use for your display picture should show you more relaxed and close to something somewhat relating to your niche.Like gym equipment for trainers.

3.Your user bio

Yeah this is the section where you can finally pour out your heart to your viewers.Tell them all about yourself,your likes, qualifications and maybe even something more about your channel.Do remember you have eight seconds to make an impression.

You can use puns and subtle jokes to make your bio sound a tad interesting and most importantly,make the viewer remember your name.

Once you have completed these three,you have successfully set up your strong profile online.

Setup your channel/page analytics

Ensuring that your business is data driven is one of the few things you can do to improve your chance of success.

Monitoring your business every step of the way, learning from the successes and failures along the way is a recommended practice.

And affIliate marketing especially requires this.

Thankfully,all social media platforms offer page/channel analytics to give you insights into which posts perform the best among which group of people.

So now that we have that all covered,the question is how to set your channel analytics up?

Due to the fact that the ways to set up analytics differs between social media platforms,we will only be listing the ways to set it up with the major social media platforms used for affIliate marketing.

How to setup YouTube analytics

Setting up YouTube analytics requires no real work on your part.As long as you have created a channel,YouTube would have already started putting together the channel analytics for you for whenever you may need it.

To get it,just visit YouTube in your browser on your desktop and click on your profile icon at the top right corner of the screen.

Once you click the profile icon, a drop down menu containing a list of options including “Your channel”,”YouTube studio” and other options will appear.Select YouTube studio.

YouTube studio is where you can take full control of your channel.You can create playlists,change settings and further customise your channel and see how close you are to being part of the monetization program.

You can take some time to get familiar with the studio before proceeding with the remaining steps.

Once you’re done with your tour,enter channel analytics from the YouTube studio dashboard.

From your channel analytics page,you will find the number of views your channel has gotten recently, subscribers and how many watch hours you have gotten.

It also gives advanced data into the average time each user spent on your video,how they found the video,their age and demographics,as well as their country of residence.

YouTube’s advanced analytics system gives you a complete assessment of your channel making it far easier for you to make decisions to improve your content strategy.

Here are some articles that will help you setup analytics in other social platforms:

With an outstanding user profile and fired up analytics,you have the basics down and are halfway through turning your social media account into a traffic generator for your affIliate links.

Bonus tip

Get a reliable link shortener

Affiliate links on social media are usually frowned upon.Either directly by the social media company,or by the viewers because they often look too long and spammy.

However,this problem is an easy fix with link shorteners.

Link shorteners help you beautify your links adequately.They enable you to choose what you want your link to look like.

So instead of getting a long link with a shit ton of symbols,you can get a clean link that almost completely gives away what your viewers can expect to see from the page they’re visiting.

This helps create trust,makes you look professional and the best part is it is more often than not,free to use such services.

You can make use of public shorteners like Clipperlink.It offers link shortening service,helps you track the links effectively and has a free plan for beginners.

If you want to take your customisation even further by getting your domain name on your affIliate link with the format as opposed to the domain of the link shortener,then you can go for the pro plans with Clipperlink.

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