High ticket affIliate marketing explained

High ticket affIliate marketing.So what exactly is this fancy term?

Well it’s simply regular affIliate marketing but with bigger,better, more lucrative products.

AffIliate marketing is all about referring buyers to product owners.High ticket affIliate marketing is simply referring buyers to buy expensive products.

These products range from luxury items to rental services to vehicles.

It basically shifts the focus from smaller items like shoes and bags to larger items like cars and houses.

If you want to maximise your affIliate income,this system is the best to try.

Here are some of the benefits:

Favourable commissions per sale

Good commissions per sale are the trademark of high ticket affIliate programs.

They are the reason these affIliate programs are referred to as high ticket.

High ticket affIliate programs usually pay affIliates from $300 per sale depending on the value of the item sold.

While regular affIliate programs can only boast about $65-$100 per sale,high ticket affIliate programs can offer between $300-$5000 in commissions.

Recurring commissions are also popular in this form of affIliate marketing.

Where users subscribe and pay monthly/yearly payments,affiliates are paid recurring commissions over a known period of time. 

Return on investment

Owing to the fact that luxury items go for high prices,the commissions per sale will also be high.

A 10% sale on a gold watch that goes for $20,000 will get you a stunning $2000.

An amount which makes up very well for the cost of tools you use,cost of running ads and running an affiliate website; with just one sale.

High ticket affIliate marketing always gives high returns on investments.

Relatively low competition 

Competition for ostentatious goods is relatively low compared to other areas.

With traditional affIliate marketing,it is easy to have overcrowded niches, platforms and programs.

High ticket affIliate programs usually sieve out affIliates with strict registration policies so more often than not, only competent,serious affIliates usually get through.

With widespread niches and programs, the number of affIliates promoting a certain product is relatively low compared to those promoting something like web hosting services.

Relatively low startup cost

The cost of promoting high ticket affIliate products is not very different from the cost of running traditional affIliate marketing.

You will need the same set of affIliate marketing tools and just about the same set of growth tips.

Although,we might add that it sometimes requires more effort and a higher budget.

But seeing as the returns on investment are very high and the system is very profitable,it is a fair amount.

Learn more about this topic

There’s a forum dedicated to this topic.Join now and learn extensively.

Cons of high ticket affIliate marketing

Now we won’t be exactly honest if we neglected to mention this to you.

As you would expect,high ticket affIliate marketing has it’s drawbacks.Here are some examples:

Products are relatively difficult to promote

Large and expensive products will always be harder to promote.

People,your potential buyers included,will always want value for their money.

Remember,there are real people on the other end who actually purchase the products you promote.

These people are always going to ensure that they are getting the product, and that it serves them well.

This means you will have to make extensive reviews,bulky articles, more images and more videos in order to provide the trust and safety your potential buyers need.

While this is still a point of concern with regular affIliate marketing,it is more pronounced with high ticket affIliate marketing.

Smaller Audience

The cost of ostentatious goods and purchase frequency help to greatly trim down the number of people going for them.

Individuals don’t usually go for more than one luxury item at a time.And when they do,it usually takes a while before they go for another one.

So the number of people who would want to buy gold watches at a particular time is really reduced.

Interested? Well here are some popular high ticket affIliate niches with the highest commissions:

Luxury watches affIliate programs

Luxury watches affIliate programs are the most outstanding of the high ticket affIliate niches.

Luxury watches typically go for anywhere between $1,000-$20,000 a piece and have commission rates of 10-20% a sale.

Luxury watches also have the most demand in comparison with other high ticket affIliate products.

The luxury watch industry grows exponentially each year so if you want to start high ticket affIliate marketing,this niche is the best pick.

Top Luxury watch affIliate programs:

Daem watches affIliate program

Daem is another well known vendor for luxury watches.

Daem has a stable affIliate program from which luxury watch enthusiasts can earn from whenever they tell others about them.

Watch prices in the program are anywhere between $1,000-$20,000 leaving room for very high commissions per sale.

Daem watches pays affIliates a 20% commission per sale made with their affIliate link.This figure converts to about $200-$5000 per sale made with their affiliate link.

Also,with Daem watches affIliate program,the more customers you refer,the higher your commission per sale will be.

Cookies within the program last for 45 days.

Bob’s watches

Bob’s watches is one of the world’s largest gendore of luxury watches.Bob’s watches is the most trusted vendor of Rolex and other luxury watches.

Bob’s watches also owns one of the largest and most lucrative affIliate programs in the world.The program gives high and competitive commissions to affiliates,a few creative resources and a responsive dashboard to enable to track clicks and sales on their affIliate link.

The average price of luxury watches vendored by the platform is about $20,000 leaving room for very large substantial commissions per sale.

The program offers 5% commission per sale made with your affIliate link for sales lower than $20,000 and $1000 per sale for transactions exceeding $20,000.

Yeah,you heard that right,sign up to Bob’s watches affIliate program today and start making huge commissions on every sale.

Furniture affIliate programs

Wayfair affIliate program

Wayfair is one of the largest online furniture vendors.They are known and trusted for delivering very good products.

Wayfair affIliate program gives people a chance to make some money each time they talk about their amazing products and services to their audience.

Seeing as pricing for nice pieces of furniture goes for around $5,000-$20,000,the commissions per sale are very high.

Wayfair pays affIliates a 7% commission per sale on every product purchased with them.That means that on a $20,000 sale,you will get a little lower than $2000 as commission.

The program has a 7 day cookie life and that is actually the only setback to such an amazing program.

Nonetheless,they pay very high commissions,vendor nice products and allow affIliates to make withdrawals via the payment option of their choice.

Rug source affIliate

Rug source vendors the best rugs you can find online.They also have the best conversion rate in the industry making it essentially easy to promote their products and make sales.

Rug source affIliate program is also one of the best home decor and furniture affIliate programs.They are known to have high commissions per sale and the best affIliate experience.

The average price of rugs on Rug source is about $750 while the program pays affIliates 30% of that amount each time they refer a new paying customer to them.

At that rate, affIliates one the program will be earning $225 on every sale made with their affIliate link.

The program has a cookie life of 45 days.

The platform is also one of the few home decor affIliate programs that allows affIliates to make use of specialised marketing assets like banners and coupon codes.

Pier 1 affIliate program

Pier 1 is one of the best places people can get home decor items and furniture online.

The platform has an affiliate program with which those in love with home decorations or just those hoping to make some money online can earn while referring customers to them.

The minimum price of items vendored by Pier 1 is about $50.

The program pays affiliate 4% commission on every sale made with their affIliate link and has a 7-day cookie life.

Although those terms are quite rigid,you should know that the program has a very high conversion rate and furniture shoppers usually want to get the furniture as soon as possible.

Credit card affIliate programs

Luxury cards affIliate program

Luxury cards is one of the best reviewed credit card companies in the world.The platform has a stable affIliate program from which online income enthusiasts could.make.some serious online income.

The program pays $405 per qualified referral made with your affIliate link and provides automatic payment for every sale made with your link.

Pricing for luxury card‘s services starts at $95 per year and gets as high as $995 per year leaving room for high yearly recurring commissions per sale.

Also,the platform vendors a wide variety of different cards that will ultimately fit for the needs of your audience.

The cookies last for 30 days and payments are made via direct bank transfer.

Bankrate affIliate program

Bankrate affIliate program pays affiliates $200 everytime they generate a new lead for them and a 40% revenue share once the referred user makes a purchase.

Much like Luxury cards,bankrate offers a wide range of credit cards that will fit the needs of anyone in need of the service.

The cookies last for 30 days and payments are made via direct bank transfer. 

Golf affIliate programs

Global Golf affIliate

Global golf is one of the world’s largest golf equipment vendor.They are known,tested and trusted all over the world.

Global golf provides a chance for those whose audience consists of diehard golfers to earn commissions each time they refer customers to them.

The average price of global golf products is about $400 and the price of the equipment in the program may get as high as $25,000 leaving room for very high commissions per sale.

Global golf pays affIliates between 4-10% commission each time they refer a customer.If a customer purchased a product worth $400 a $40 commission would be awarded to the affIliate and $2500 will be awarded to the affIliate if the referred customer makes a $25,000 purchase.

Also,the commissions are competitive.The more customers you refer to them,the higher your commission per sale gets and the easier it is for you to make money on the program.

Payouts are made to affiliates 20 days after the sale was confirmed (which is usually 1 month after the sale was made)in their specified currency.

The program makes use of last click referral so the affIliate whose link was clicked last before the customer made the purchase is the one that will keep the commission.

Also,just to make things easier for affIliates the program supports the use of custom coupon codes during referrals.

After each click on an affiliate’s link,the customer is given 14 days to make a purchase after which the click on the affIliate link will no longer be valid.

The program also has a standby support team that takes delight in answering all the questions affIliates may have.

Have any more questions?You can get across to the team and ask your question at affiliates@gvcommerce.com.If you do not have any questions,you can follow the button below to join the program.

2.Swingman golf affIliate program

Swingman golf affIliate program is divided into two different categories:the swing man golf all-access where you will be earning 50% commission on a service that goes for $49/month.

The swing man golf swing speed trainer certification program pays affIliates 20% commission per sale made with their affIliate link on a service that goes for $588.

On average the program pays affIliates $25/month for referring customers to the swing man golf all-access and a $125 commission per sale if the referred user opts for the swing speed trainer program.

Not only does the program pay well,they pay competitively as well.The more qualified leads you send to the program,the higher your commission per sale will be.

Also, the program is a lot faster and simpler to join than most affIliate programs.

Do note that high ticket affIliate marketing only works with trust and to ensure success,you must build sufficient trust between you and potential buyers.

High ticket affIliate marketing tips

Create a Landing page/blog

Affiliate marketing is a business model for middlemen.These middlemen bridge the gap between a google search and a purchase.

What better way is there to do this than on a blog which is the literal bridge between a google search and a purchase.

Blogs particularly those with custom domains are the best suited platforms for successful affIliate marketing.

When a google search is made,blog posts are usually the most likely media to show up.Not the average youtube nor titok video.

Also,blogs usually get better traffic quality and convert a lot more than any social media platform.Plus blog search traffic is usually recurring.

If you’re starting affIliate marketing recently,this is some of the best advice you can get.

On your blog,you will have complete freedom to place your affiliate links anywhere.

From welcome bars to popups and even within the content.Whereas most social media platforms place restrictions on where and how users can share links within the platform.

You can also start building your brand and a name for yourself online from having a simple blog.

Landing pages are also very necessary in high ticket affIliate marketing especially if you hope to scale your business with ads.

People aren’t likely to buy a product after seeing it once.

In fact,it takes the average person nearly 3 months to purchase a product from the day they see it.

Landing pages could help speed up this process.You can show illustrations,videos, underline pros and maybe cons to help them to not only make a purchase decision,but to make one fast.

Shorten affIliate links

Affiliate links are unique links given to every affIliate once they join a program.This link is used to track customers they refer.

Sales will not be counted for a certain affIliate and he/she will not receive any commission if his/her affIliate link was not used to purchase a product.

But affiliate links are rarely short and sweet.In fact,they are always long,ugly and made of the most random set of characters.

The problem with very long links is that most times,they tend to look spammy and suspicious.Most times,it is very difficult to determine where they lead to.

And when you’re trying to build trust,you should avoid anything that looks misleading or fraudulent.

However,this is not the case with shortened links.Shortened links are usually short,sweet and attractive.

When shortening a link,you get to choose the character length and customise the link to your domain.

Also, affIliate link shortening is common among top affIliate marketers and generally encouraged.

The need for link shortening is the motive behind link shortening software like bit.ly and plugins like thirsty affiliates and betterlinks.

If you plan to share your affIliate links on your blog or on social media,it is advised that you shorten them first.

Track your affIliate links effectively

One of the best advice anyone can get about an online business model is to efficiently track their progress.

The same is the case with affIliate marketing.It is very important to track your affIliate links effectively.

Many affIliate networks come with responsive user dashboards that enable affIliates to track clicks and impressions on their affIliate links.

But that’s not all you should track.Traffic source and customer behaviours should be tracked as well.

Not only should you track how many clicks were made with your affiliate link but also where the traffic came from.Which of your blog or social posts were the most effective in driving more traffic to your affIliate link.

This enables you to determine which platform you should put more effort into and from which you should relax a little.

Shortening your affIliate link can also enable you to track them effectively.As most link shortening software allow you to monitor your shortened links.

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